Hi, I’m Saki.


Great to see you here❤ I was born and raised in Okayama, Japan which is located in western part of Japan. I’m passionate about Japanese traditional culture and kimono, tutoring Japanese language as well as a being a live streamer with 24K followers. 👘 I believe that Japan has a lot to offer more than we all think. Being Japanese myself, it wasn’t long before I realized that I barely knew my country. While answering questions from friends on Periscope, my passion and interest on Japan grew naturally ; Where my origin is, what Samurai are or I even encountered some simple yet difficult questions such as ; why do I go to shrines or temples occasionally or how and when I can wear my own kimono. These thoughts inspired me to dig into my own culture deeply and helped me to understand myself as Japanese;

Magically, things started to make more sense since then!

I grew my passion through my live streaming experience where I met amazing people from all over the world, who are happy to learn more about Japan from me. I am very thankful for the all friends who have supported me so far. If not for that experience, I wouldn’t have been where I am at today.

So, my question to you is;

What comes to your mind first when it comes to Japan?

Would you like to learn Japanese & its culture with me personally? I give private Japanese lessons online (over 3 years of experience) . Whether you are a beginner, at intermediate or advanced, I am happy to help you! It would mean the world to me, if I could help you get to know Japan in addition to the language on our lessons. I would be also happy to collaborate with fellow creators , especially who share my passion about Japan. However, anyone is welcome. Feel free to contact me and I will get back to you soon. You can also subscribe below if you want to get notified for any updates. I look forward to speaking to you all! 🙂