Let’s be honest. Yes, I have wished to be popular. I was just unconsciously checking out social medias and how popular people are doing. I have been thinking how people get so many people’s attentions even though, for me they don’t try to do anything special. (Or it is just me who is thinking like that. )  Then…. I questioned myself, – why am I wanting to be that popular? I mean, Why do we want popularity? 

I instantly remembered the famous psychologist, Abraham Harold Maslow, who is famous for creating Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  I’m sure you might have seen this before.


Then I thought, ok this is natural. According to Maslow, human beings need to secure the sense of belonging, and acceptance among their social groups. It is the third level of human needs. So psychologically it is safe. However, nowadays things are getting so difficult as we started to use modern technology such as social medias. Its often something hard to deal with. I, also am one of them who have been through that. And I still sometimes get the ‘wanting to get the attentions’ feelings while using them. It is really weird though because I know, in my head, there is no point of getting attentions just with my trivial tweets, scopes (Periscope, to those who don’t know. ). Maybe it is just how human beings are meant to be.

Last year the famous actress, Cameron Diaz said  something remarkable . So she basically says ‘success isn’t defined by admiration by others’. It is so simple and obvious but hey, we often forget that. When I don’t get enough views on my social medias for example, I let myself feel down. When people don’t interact with me as much as I expected, I get self critics like, what is wrong with me? In those times, I have to remind myself that “Others can’t define who I am.”

She also mentioned that people misunderstand what makes you popular. I notice that in Japan, there has been some crimes where a guy purposely drives the car without having the license, or a boy pierces the toothpicks into food at the convenient stores, and uploads the video on Youtube and so on just because they want to be popular. which is really sad.  So going back to her story, what she says is that you can’t be an actress “to be popular”. She became an actress because that was what she wanted to, and which brought her the name she currently has. The popularity shouldn’t be a goal, but its just a result. I agree with her in that regard. When you keep doing something amazing, naturally you will attract people. You don’t have to make extra efforts to make it happen. Keep doing own stuff. (Reminder for myself, when I get insecure.) Keep doing what you think you can do for people. You attract people because you are amazing for who you are. Oops cheesy conclusion. let’s eat cheese with sake tonight.  (Then you are supposed to laugh now!)

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4 thoughts on “Popularity. 

  1. First of all I think you are amazing!Confidence comes from within I feel.Anxiety shows its ugly face to all of us from time to time.Popularity is somewhat childish at least to me.I would rather be Happy than anything else.Saki you are an incredible woman and as for myself I always look forward to your Tweets and your Scopes.
    Yours Truly,
    Lloyd Dimitry

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    1. Hi there Llyod, thank you so much for supporting me as always. You really are awesome. I have been losing self confidence a lot, but as i try to do something that i find hard to do, it gets better a lot. Popularity might be something for insecure people. You don’t need anything to get attentions, just be yourself, simple as that. 🙂


  2. Saki peeepol, you’re popular!!
    It is a weird thing, sometimes in the past I have wanted to be popular, but I have found that trying to be as honest with myself and doing the things I like– that can bring happiness to people or inspiration–is more important. Awesome post again Saki!


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  3. hehe Marcos! I am happy to see you on here again. peeepooo! lol
    Am I? haha I am not sure but what matters me nowadays really are you guys supporting me. I really appreciate that.
    You are right, stay awesome okay! 🙂 Hehe PS. Feel free to talk to me when you join. I’ll be happy to talk to you.


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