What I Want You To Know For A Trip To Japan

Where in Japan you would like to visit?

i have grown up in a bit countryside far away from Tokyo. So whenever my dad took me to Tokyo for a family trip in summer, I was so excited. I have been to Tokyo countless times yet there are still so many things to see. Tokyo is definitely one of the biggest cities in the world. As I was a teenage girl who wanted to keep up something trendy, Tokyo was heaven. Tokyo represents “new”. “modern” part of Japan. ; It is because, historically Tokyo started to flourish from only Edo period. After Meiji, The name “Edo 江戸” was changed into “Tokyo 東京” which means, The center in east.

I visited Kyoto for the first time when i was at elementary school. To be honest, I had been more attracted to Tokyo. Kyoto was just a old, ancient city that did not interest me. However as I grew up, Kyoto became one of my favorite places in Japan. Kyoto is not as flashy as Tokyo. – You will still enjoy the beauty but in order to understand Kyoto deeply, you’ll have to get some knowledge, because there are a lot of hidden facts and historical meanings, while Tokyo, is so new you will soon get the excitement. As you get older, and know life better, I for sure you will enjoy Kyoto much more. We call it ”風情がある、or 味がある” (Huzei ga aru, Aji ga aru). They mean “unique” but obviously there are so many meanings to it, so I can’t translate it in a simple word. while Tokyo is the center in east, Kyoto 京都 means “the center”. As the name says, I believe you will find true Japan in Kyoto.

And just like Kyoto, there are a lot more Japanese countryside to see apart from them that I want you to visit. I have been to sightseeing places a lot so far, (from the North, Sapporo and to the South Okinawa). What I have learned from it is that what you find on your way to the trip, by chance, and what will be on your mind forever are the little things that are not on any great guide book. I sound cheesy, but I often feel this way. ; My hometown is no way famous, and I rarely see foreign tourists. Not only my hometown, but I imagine there are many Japanese cities have a trouble getting tourists even though they are beautiful. ; the picture I took was taken in Takamatsu, Shikoku island. I didn’t find it on the guide book but I just found it when I was walking around. Isn’t it gorgeous?

i rambled here a bit but what I would want to emphasize here is that Japan is more than ‘Tokyo’.  I hope I make sense. I sometimes hear about people only visiting Tokyo, (which is up to people, and  I am no way trying to be against them) and if you visit for certain purposes, it is totally understandable. (Even though i can’t stand it when people come to Akihabara for anime or Japanese idols and go back.lol ) However, if you just visit Tokyo purely because it is popular or famous, I would want you guys to research more about the trip in advance. You won’t regret it. ~  A bit of the advertisement (not being paid). ~ my home town is called Okayama 岡山. Look it up and visit us if you like! 🙂


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