The Power Of Kimono


“Carina!” (Cute in Italian) The old lady put a big smile on her face.

The old man bowing at me and giving me a posture asking “May I take a picture?” quietly.

The grumpy boy  pretending not to care about kimono saying “Arigatou” while passing by the street.




“Konnichiwa!” “Japon!” “Tokyo! Kyoto!”… That moment when you recognize where you come from in a place that is far away from your home.  That moment when you feel you connected two different cultures. I was convinced that, even if we come from different background, speak different languages our heart is the same. ; we can make this world a better place together one day.





I believe in the power of kimono. A magic, which can make people instantly happy just by me wearing it. My reason why I wore kimono abroad was because it was one of my dreams, but I realized that at some point during my trip, I simply wanted to see people smile.


The Japanese guy, I met in Germany said to me, “Thank you for representing Japan beautifully.” He made me smile a lot.


I am sure I will show up somewhere in the world with my kimono again. ~ I found myself being changed compared to the last time when I went to abroad. ; What I know for sure is that I am proud to be Japanese. i found myself walking being confident with kimono, because….

this is my beautiful culture that I am proud of.


Special thank you to Matteo, who helped me with all my kimono shooting and taking beautiful pictures of me!! You are the best.

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16 thoughts on “The Power Of Kimono

  1. Ciao Saki, i’m Luca . I’m so proud you chose my coutry to spend one of your first trip fas away of your country . the idea to wear Kimono was Great ! ! you look Great and im sure Roman people appreciate so much . i saw you first time when you scope from Piazza Navona :-). i will fallow you in future

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    1. Ciao Luca, thank you for reading and your comment. 🙂 Your country is so beautiful it was my pleasure to be there in kimono. Italian people were so nice to me. I am so glad you found me through periscope. I cannot wait to see you!! Say hi when you catch live.
      Grazie! – Saki


  2. Saki!!!
    You are an amazing young woman. I love how proud you are to wear a kimono and represent Japan abroad. It’s so nice that you are keeping your culture and traditions alive by sharing with all of us. I love your periscopes and your blog.
    I hope we can meet someday.

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    1. Hi Paula, oh my god, so nice to see you here ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much for your support and kind words, which mean a lot to me. I do hope that we can meet up too, that’d be wonderful. I cannot wait to see you soon on my scopes. Lots of love to you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Hi, I’m Sara and I’m from Italy 🙂 I think you had a great idea to wear kimono while travelling, as it is always nice to remind people your own roots and traditions. I can say that, as Italians, we love kimonos as they represent your fascinating culture and also because they are literally a work of art ( and in Italy we like beautiful things 😉 ). Japanese girls and women truly look gorgeous, kimonos cut a beautiful figure and allow you to have such an elegant posture. ❤

    Lovely blog, I will follow you 🙂

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    1. Hello Sara it is nice to meet you!! You are so sweet, for saying these kind words to me. Thank you. Yes I could see that Italian people looked so happy to see me wearing kimono, which also made me happy. I got asked to take pictures by them, hehe such a nice feeling when you connect two different cultures. ❤ I am going to visit Italy soon with my kimono for sure! Aww I do hope that you like my other blog posts. Have a wonderful day 🙂 – Saki


  4. While I cant see waring something giving someone more confidence, I can see how it can connect you to the culture, what ever works for you though, as long as its not harming anyone or going against the bible I don’t have a problem with it and as far as I can tell your fine as I see nothing in the bible that says thou shall not don kimono. Thusly if you like being in a kimono then have fun.

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