My Journey To Italy

Feeling heartbroken over a fight with a friend feeling miserable I was standing in the bookstore alone. That was when I spontaneously decided to travel to Rome, Italy. Not a big reason, just wanted to get out of my comfort zone. As much as i love Japan, I wanted to see the other part of the world through my eyes, not via someone else’s anymore. Leaving my parents being worried behind, I flew to Italy alone.


Fontana Di Trevi


Foro Romano~ Love this picture- The bird seems to look over all the Roman history over time.



I tend to like old things. I am more attracted to old shrines or temples. They allow me to imagine. Maybe I like the feeling where I feel connected with ancient people over time. I definitely know almost nothing about Roma, or even Italy ; however I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Piazza Spagna ~ Unfortunately it was under construction. the only thing that I am not satisfies with.


I also have learned how Italian people are,  I know its a tiny part of them, but I loved how friendly and cheerful they are. I enjoyed it especially when I wore kimono. On the other hand, I have experienced some that aren’t good I would say.This doesn’t mean Italian people are bad or terrible, just note that.  – My B&B owner did not make a promise (Or worse than that, long story) when I arrived in Italy, and didn’t get any help when I needed, which has bothered me during my trip, which eventually forced me to leave Rome earlier than I planned. I expected “Omotenashi mind”(” Hospitality”) just like I do in Japan in Italy, but it was shocking when that was not the case. I strongly felt that I do not want to let anyone experience the same when someone decided to travel to Japan because of it.

Thankfully I had a good experience in Florence with some nice friends.


Italo~ Fast train just like a Japanese shnkansen (Bullet train)

This travel taught me some. Since I was traveling alone in a foreign country, I was feeling quite alone. I know that I had some people that I could count on, (which was so lucky). Italian food was good, but I realize that I do not like it as much as Japanese food. So I already missed Japanese food. I actually even had sushi in Italy.The good thing was I didn’t get in crimes and I had nothing stolen. I did not feel in danger in Rome as much as I imagined. That does not mean you don’t have to be careful about your belongings, but as my parents said that the world is a dangerous place (really!) proved me wrong. You would laugh if you witnessed me going out alone in Italian streets for the first time. – I was so cautious I walked like a robot. The other part of world is not as dangerous as I thought.

Lastly, what I am proud of myself is that I could wear kimono in Italy. (The Power Of Kimono ) I could organize everything by myself (I even never had booked a flight ticket before!) , and came back and show me being fine to my family when I was back. And I got sushi as soon as I was in Japan with my family. what a great moment.


I would love to travel again because I am hoping that I will be able to see Japan in the different point of view. What people from abroad are interested in Japan, its culture, what is unique about Japan, I am always learning.

Thanks for always supporting me. 🙂


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13 thoughts on “My Journey To Italy

  1. That’s really great that you took a chance and stepped outside of your comfort zone. I am really glad you had a positive experience so you will continue your adventures and share them with us. As always… Saki you ROCK!

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  2. Saki
    I admire your bravery to try something so new for you. Thanks for sharing. Please keep spreading your wings.
    And it’s always wonderful to return home.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Glad you enjoyed Italy. I did, too, a few years ago on a Mediterranean cruise. I noticed that the Spanish Steps reopened right after you left. Someone I follow on Periscope showed it. His name is @dariusaryadigs. He’s an archaeologist so he knows what he’s talking about. Now that you’ve been there you might want to follow him, too.

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    1. Hi Bob, thank you for taking your time to comment. I am glad you enjoyed Italy too! I know! I heard that Spanish steps reopened a few days later I left. That was the only thing I am sorry about. I appreciate you letting me know about him. I will definitely check him out. 🙂 – Saki


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