Periscope Meetup in Tokyo

On October 17th, there was a Periscope meeting in Twitter Japan in Tokyo. It was absolutely an amazing night.


Co Founder, and CEO of Periscope, Kayvon Beykpour talking in front of us.

Our meeting was not an official one. ; when we got an invitation from Twitter Japan, they told us that it would be an informal meeting for Japanese people using Periscope.

“We started with just 5 people as a team, and had no idea if people are gonna use the app, and how it is going to be.” Kayvon said.


The meeting started with Co Founder, & CEO Of Periscope, Kayvon’s speech, which was basically about Periscope (Obviously). ~”I was so excited when I saw someone scope even in the USA, just outside of SF for the first time. Then I began to see people use Periscope in different countries, which has been an amazing experience. ” He also mentioned how the community in Periscope grew so big, and how he wants to focus on that Community Part also, although he emphasized the importance of building the foundation of Periscope, as a marketer, which I agreed with. I got a good impression about Kayvon overall because I could see him try to interact with us. We got to have a Q&A time after that, where we users could ask some questions that we have to Kayvon I thought that was nice of him to do that. I am not sure what I can share, however it was more about tech part (which I really am not good at lol),  and the usage of Periscope Producer. He assured us that even though you feel that your opinion is ignored, they are still working on it slowly, it just takes time to actually apply for it.

Lastly, we mingled, which was my favorite part. We individuals got the chance to talk to Kayvon. As you might know, I am a big fan of him. lol I was just so happy that I hugged him. I also had to ask him to work on Asian part.


I am so honored to meet him because I know many of Periscope Users are dying to meet him. He was kind enough to accept my business card, and moreover hugged me, I am just so glad! Huge thank you to Kayvon, who came all the way to Japan!

But what impressed me also is that I met amazing fellow Japanese Scopers I have known in person. I love the Periscope’s community part where they all are quite supportive and really warm kind people. I had been only watching them via screen yet it didn’t feel like we had never met in person. If anything I had a feeling that we are a long term friends. I hope that I will do a collaboration with them near future, and promote the beauty part of Japan together. 🙂

PS. Meanwhile I was having a great time in Tokyo, I got featured on Periscope. Huge thank you to everyone who helped me to achieve it! It has been my dream. Thank you.


The featured image : made by my dear friend Jon 🙂

Check out my friend’s website if you like!, especially if you speak Spanish and are interested in Japan they are the best! : My friends’ website (SushiLaboTV) ~ I love it! and photos from our meetup made by Tony and Ruben living in Nagoya who are blogging. Here is Tony’s blog about Meetup in Tokyo. Check them out too 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “Periscope Meetup in Tokyo

  1. こんにちはさきさん!I’m glad you made it to Tokyo for the meetup. I was lucky enough to be sitting in my car waiting to start work when your Periscope alert came up on my phone. I watched as much as I could before I had to go into my job. It was fun to see you and some of the other scopers that I follow. I think you were happiest when you gave Kayvon a BIG bear hug. I don’t think he was ready for that:). Also, thanks for letting me know that your PayPal is working now. I will be sure to use it. Keep using your special gift of Periscoping and sharing your love for your country and culture to the (Peepo) of the world. Take care Poopie Princess. またね!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. こんにちは、Stephen, It was soo much fun. I wish I could have invited you to there as well! You know… I often miss your comments on my scopes which I hate it! But I always watch the replay then you make me smile. Thank you for your support. You all are the reason why I can keep doing what I do! 🙂 My pleasure, your help means the world to me. I can’t thank you enough hehe. Love to you and take good care! – Saki


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