Why Discussing History Matters 

“What’s the point of talking about the history?” … Hearing myself whisper to inside of me, realizing that it even gets louder when someone says, “It’s all the past.” It hurts, at times.

Discussing the recent history might be supposed to be depressing, for everyone. Also for myself, having to bring up the ‘War’ period. I notice that people over here even tend to use the word ‘戦前’ (senzen), ‘戦後’ (sengo), which mean ‘Before the WW2’, ‘After the WW2’, in order to distinguish our history, as having lost in WW2 has had a huge meaning for us. I cannot help it but letting myself to remind myself of the WW2 every time I think of Japanese history.

So should we end the discussion by saying, “It’s all the past”? – Well, I don’t think so.

Fortunately, I have the chance to have my voice heard in front of my audience, people, who are nice enough to listen to me. I wouldn’t say it is easy for me to speak up, because definitely it really is much easier for me to just change the topic back and fourth to avoid the certain topic that could possibly be controversial. ; I rarely have seen people talk about it as a result. I am not saying that not talking about the history is wrong, but, at the same time I think that not talking about it at all pretending that there was nothing happened in the past doesn’t feel right. I hope I make sense here.

There is a saying “The history repeats itself.” It sounds true to me, or even it could be worse according to our past history, when I look at the global situation that we are currently in. Humanitarian crisis, discrimination going on between different races, violence, possession of weapons…I believe that the history is not all in the past. : Now and the past are always connected, and actually what’s happening right now could be derived from what happened in the past. I made myself understand that this saying, which, “the history repeats itself” is trying to warn us that if we did not try to solve the core of the issue, we would make a same mistake again in the future”.

So, what can we do now? ~ I am not sure if I could answer to it. Or maybe we don’t even have the answer. But at least, while writing this down I can see the point of talking about the history, which is, “To understand each other better.” We all have got different education, based on the different point of view. You may agree with me, but you may not on some topics, which should be okay. I believe that discussing it, and knowing other perspectives help you to put yourself in their shoes, which enables us to avoid more conflicts, or moreover it can bring us into peace in the end.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Why Discussing History Matters 

  1. Amen to all of this, Saki. My history professor used to say that we must study history in order not to repeat the mistakes made in the past and this is so true and important. Nowadays, when I see political parties or leaders that promise miracolous solutions to problems, I can’t help but see how they use languages and dynamics which are very similar to the ones used by leaders or even dictators of the past and this makes me cringe my teeth. The language of propaganda did not change one bit, only the means and the media did. So, we must study history and pay attention when we vote and are involved in the politics.

    Having said that, I would love to hear your pov on your country’s history and WWII: my hometown was directly involved and affected by WWI and WWII (my gran lost his brother during the war) and I’m thinking about writing about this stuff on my blog.

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    1. Ciao Sara!
      You summarized my point on this post quite well. – Unfortunately the medias these days play a huge role on out society, which even got to the point where they influence our opinions on political matters, not only the history part, which makes me think that we each citizens who have got the right to choose leaders must be aware of how big our responsibilities are, and take part in the politics more using the media literacy. it is encouraging to know that there are smart people like you, while there are a lot of ignorant people. 🙂

      I would love to hear your stories about WWⅠ, WWⅡ. I am sorry to hear about you guys’ loss. My gramma experienced WWⅡ and my aunt’s side of family is from Hiroshima. one of the relatives still suffer from nuclear bombs. Horrible isn’t it? I cannot wait to read your post about it (or anything you write haha) soon 🙂 Thank you for reading and taking your time to comment! -Saki

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      1. Omg, I’m so sorry your family had and still has to suffer the consequences of the nuclear bombs…what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was terrible and when I think about it I literally shudder. It’s unbelievable humans did that to other human beings 😦

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  2. You are wìse beyond your years (61 ?) Saki ! ☺ A person may choose to not live in the past – unless you’re this girl I know who does a FANTASTIC job of wearing Kimono’s and teaching us about Japanese history and life – but you should never forget the past to learn from it – Aligato Saki

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    1. Hi Timothy!!! 😀 haha indeed, I am 61… lol I am honored that you think that way. Your support always means the world to me. Sending lots of love to you all the way from Japan to Canada. Thank you, – Saki


  3. Recent History and even old History trend to repeat because the Human being didn’t change a lot … The Value are always the same !!.
    Reading and speaking about History is very important . make us notice and understund that to make a better Future World we must begin to Change the values that lead us so far . of course is not easy but this is what history should do . help us to make a new better world

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    1. Ciao Luca, exactly, we have changed the generations but still, the core of it has not changed. we learn history at school but many of us do not know the point of doing it. But nowadays I see the meaning of it as I am trying to see the matters going on in the world more deeply… I hope that we will make a change someday. Thank you for your thoughts! – Saki


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