img_0129 I wondered, how many people in this country take a moment to just see this colored leaves. I was just looking at people stopping by in front of people, while enjoying the beautiful colored leaves.

Ok, now, I admit, that I used to be one of them.

“I am so busy.”

Since when this phrase became a common word for us?

“Busy”, is written as “忙 (しい)”, which is “Isoga(shii)”. Someone once told me, ‘As the kanji says, people who always tell us that they are busy, are, just losing their mind. ” ~which changed the way of my thinking. Whoever said that is smart.

The kanji “忙” is consisted of two parts. The left part, is used for our emotions, as it represents “心 (Kokoro), our heart”. the right part. which is “亡 (くなる)” (Nakunaru), which means “dead”. So the kanji “忙” mixing them means “The heart is dead” literally.

I started to believe that we are in control of our mind.

Many people from other countries have told me, “You are lucky! You have got a lot of things, everything. ” Then I questioned myself.  So why I have seen a lot of people who are depressed , who are walking like a zombie every day? We get rich, and we are surrounded by so many things that people are jealous of. Ironically, our mind is getting poor. I am sure it is not happening only in Japan. But i feel like, most of us are missing out on something, something that can enrich our mind while we are always chasing materials that we can easily buy. This sounds cliche, but this is the moment when I started to believe that we human beings cannot live without the nature, slow life, that heal our mind.




是を得心したる人は、即ち千手千眼の観音にて候。 (沢庵和尚、a monk from Rinzai)

~If your mind is focused on one leaf, you can’t see the rest of the leaves.

If it is not, you can see the thousands of the rest of them.

The person knowing to do both, is just like the thousand-armed Kannon.*


*the God that has thousand eyes on his hands who has a merciful heart

Just like this poet, I would like to be the person who has rich mind. 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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12 thoughts on “~心(Heart)

  1. The depth of your kanji for “busy” as a dead heart is truly profound. I also saw your discussion explaining the meaning on your scope. I have a love and respect for nature. Sometimes I have to stop and take a deep breath in and out , to see that which is all around me. I think we all get lost with the cares and problems of daily life.
    To stop for a moment and be grateful always helps me to have a “rich mind.”
    I am grateful for the 61 year old young lady who is “Just a Japanese Girl.”

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    1. You got it John, I feel that many people are just always so busy and so tired, but it is because our heart is less exposed to the nature, You pretty much explain my point. Thank you too, and this 61 years old Japanese Girl is grateful for you ❤ Love love you! – Saki


  2. Saki you focus a true and really interesting fact , I wonder many times too . i have no answers but with the time i start thinking that people who grow up in consumeristic countries has been educate in a way that only “things” that cost money and have a price got a Value ! only “things” we Like Buy deserve attention !!! Nature “stuff” are free so them are not so important , them can wait …..

    Be rich and have many things dont make people happy this is sure 🙂 our “mind” desire many things but when we got them soon we dont care anymore , so we start to desire other things !!! our mind work like this . i think we should care more about what we already have see them every day in different way … only fallowing our wish to have everything will bring us to feel always more empty inside …..

    ever notice when you are in a plane , you are flying !!! (human be always dream about that ! you are so lucky to be in a time that normal people can do that ) you are 10 km up in the sky you are so fast !! from there you have a point of wiew so amazing !!!!! …. well only 1% of passenger look outside the window :-))))
    incredible :-))
    ps i wish all people that read my post to forgive me aboust my english … thank you

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  3. Luca, first of all, I thank you very much for always being supportive and sharing your thoughts with me. It means so much to me.

    I agree with every point you made on here. ~ especially the part where we can never be satisfied if we keep looking for having “everything”, that wish makes feel empty inside. I think that this age is hard to live as we have many choices to live, its up to us how we utilize the things that we have and enrich our mind. Your plane example is nice. – I definitely agree, the beautiful nature deserves more attention. I remember when I landed in Italy I was amazed by the beauty of your country from the plane. I am grateful for that. ❤

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon! – Saki


  4. I can completely relate to this. Especially living in a busy city, everyone becomes part of a robotic/zombie society and no one can actually notice nor appreciate the little good moments in life. From the music that’s playing in subway stations to noticing the environment around us! It’s definitely an eye opening statement.

    As someone who is currently studying Japanese, I really enjoyed your explanation with the kanji!

    You have a new follower 🙂

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    1. Hi there! こんにちは!I am so glad to have you on here. Yes, we tend to forget to stop and enjoy the present moment in everyday life. recently I was so impressed by the colors of leaves, which, I even didn’t care much in the past. How pity when I think about it. Thank you for stopping by my post. ~ I hope to see you soon again, and good luck with your Japanese 🙂


  5. as a trained weather spotter I observe more than just all the leaves but the birds and grass and clouds and the street as well as the leaves. We need to get the world to be a weather ready world, this way they can always be looking for weather, and to look for weather effective we need to be in nature, in order to be in nature and be effective we got to love it, in order to love it we have to not allow ourselves to be taken in buy the world and observe the Lord’s hand in his creation.


  6. I love your blog, Saki! I am sure fast-paced lifestyle is very common in big cities but there are exceptions. That’s why I moved to Rome and I am loving it so much! The Italians do know how to enjoy life. Things are not too fast here.

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    1. Hello beautiful, I am glad to hear you love my blog. It’s fanstatic you moved to Rome!! I am loving there. I am happy that you found a place where you can enjoy life. I agree abouf italian people as well! Thank you for reading & taking your time to comment. ❤️❤️❤️

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