Samurai Spirit

What are the Samurai Spirit?   ~ The Last Samurai got me think.

Every time I go to the convenience stores, I find the new snack that I have never seen. I instantly get excited, buy one and decide that I will get the same one next time.  But then I cant find it ever again. I think that this explains how our current society works.

As you guys know, 侍 (Samurais) no longer exist in this world. They had to “be dead” in the period where we were trying to catch up with the civilized society at that time. In the movie, “Katsumoto” who, we call was Last Samurai, who fought for his honor until the end, not being afraid of his death. In WWⅡ, Japanese people were beaten and many were dead, however, the fact that many of them are still famous for that “Samurai” Spirit as well as Katsumoto. After WWⅡ, within 20 years Japan became one of the most developed countries that were even able to hold the Olympics. And. In 2011. The big earthquake hit the Northern /Eastern part of Japan, where it broke many things that we have created only by a few seconds. But people in there never give up and try to stand up again, as I would call “Samurai” Spirit.

I am sure this Spirit is considered as “old” by many Japanese people, especially young ones today as if it was something that is kind of out of date. I started to find the charms in shrines or temples that are really old, and people think I am too young for liking them. But. who in the world made us believe that something new is always good? Dont get me wrong though, I admit, just like when Samurais had to go extinct, there are moments where we have to give up on something new, it is the natural flow of the eras. However, don’t you think that our mind is tossed around by the new materials that keep changing a bit too much? The difference I find, between people who have Samurai Spirit and those who don’t is “The faith”.

The faith that one never gives up, that never gets influenced by the surroundings, that can fight for what he loves.

I admire Samurais, and their spirit that are eternal and always will be. I hope that more and more people never forget the good parts of the things that are old, even when the time goes by, and everything has changed. because that is what I believe Samurais, old people wanted to carry on to us.

Thank you for reading!

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7 thoughts on “Samurai Spirit

  1. Your articles are always inspiring and show how wise you are ❤ I don’t know very much about the Samurai culture, but I have always admired the resilience and the art of perfectioning things. And yes, you are right. Reforms and new things are not always progress…I think we should learn from the past how to recognize the good reforms and the bad ones.

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    1. Ciao Sara, thank you as always for being so kind and sweet to me. I am glad you think my articles are inspiring in some way because it is my ultimate goal! You do not have to know much about samurai Culture in fact ; I have yet still so much to learn even. If you are interested in knowing it more you could watch the movie ‘Last Samurai’ which I am also referring to in my post here. Lots of love to you all the way from Japan xxx – Saki


  2. There are many spirits of Men that are good and honorable in this World. This week we celebrate the coming of God’s Spirit into our World and Hearts. Merry Christmas! I follow Solid Joy App.

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    1. Hello Richard, (I hope I am correct!), I have seen you comment before, and thank you so much for reading. I do agree with you on this. It is often said that this world is getting a bit crazy, which I agree with to some extent however I do also believe that there is still some goodness in people. I wish you a Merry Christmas, and happy holiday! -Saki


  3. Saki, You have a way of making me think and reflect when I read your blog. You have the Samurai’ spirit with your love of that which is noble in your cultural legacy. For some reason this idea reminds me of the lyrics to a song by Sarah McLachlan . “When all we wanted was to dream. To have and hold that precious little thing. Like every generation yields the newborn hope unjaded by their years.” Happy Holidays Namaste

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    1. Hello John! It is always nice to hear from you. I did not know that song, but I will definitely check it out as I found it so cool! Thank you for your knowledge and warm support, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas!


  4. Really sad that the figure of the samurai no longer exists, the conquest of (from my point of view badly called) “great civilizations” have dedicated to the extermination of populations and figures as emblematic as the samurai, However I think that spirit still exists and persists in the Japanese population and to date are so rigorous and disciplined are to forget the pride that characterizes them so much! Excellent reflection Saki San. HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIEND! ! GRETTINS FROM MEXICO CITY !!


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